16 Incredibly Interesting Facts About St. Bernard Dogs

The Saint Bernard is a heroic dog, born lifeguard, best friend and companion. It is difficult to find a pet endowed with as many positive qualities as this huge furry dog.


#1 Saint Bernards are known as natural-born rescuers with the sharpest scent. They can find a person even under a 6-meter layer of snow.

#2 The name of the representatives of this breed was given in honor of St. Bernard – the abbot of the mountain monastery.

#3 The St. Bernards were long called “avalanche dogs,” because they had the ability to find people covered in snow in the mountains.

#4 Thanks to arched limbs and massive paws, St. Bernards stand perfectly in the snow and can dig it quickly.

#5 Saint Bernards were taught to work in pairs. The female and the male went in search of a man, dug him up in the snow, the female laid down next to warm the victim, and the male ran for help.

#6 There are cases when St. Bernards beat people off from attacking bears, entering into an unequal battle with them, and won in it.

#7 St. Bernards feel the approach of avalanches.