16 Hilarious Pics That Prove Huskies Are The Weirdest Dogs Ever

The Husky is an incredible breed originally from Siberia. Over time, they have taken an integral part in our hearts. We can’t imagine life without these incredibly intelligent, beautiful and loving dogs. We present you 16 photos that will tell you about their daily lives:

#1 When you suspect that your master hid a snack.

#2 Meeting with a friend.

Dad, we thought about it and decided that we want to eat. Feed us.

#3 I never forget to give flowers to my beloved.

#4 The magic hat defined me in a gryffindor.

#5 Together with a friend on the recording of the new album.

#6 Me and my gang. We celebrate my 6th birthday.

Whoever did not understand, I am a handsome blue-eyed man.