15 Surprising Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Keeshonden

The Keeshond is a very friendly breed. These dogs can become great companions for any person. And if you want to adopt such a dog, you will be interested in these 15 facts prove that Keeshonden are among the greatest pets!

#1 They are known for being great therapy dogs because of their lovable nature

#2 Keeshonden are not good guard dogs but if you need a watchdog this will be one of the best choices

#3 Grooming is a need. Their dense double coat requires regular care. Oh, and they shed a lot

#4 These dogs can get upset if you leave them alone for long periods

#5 Keeshonden have a beautiful smile. That is why they are also known as “Smiling Dutchman”

#6 Sometimes these dogs can be manipulative. That is why you need to show your pet that you always mean what you say