15 Surprising Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Dachshunds

This breed is one of the most recognizable all over the world. But there are still some amazing facts about Dachshunds that will definitely surprise you!

#1 There are different 15 colors and 6 combinations these dogs come in

#2 “Dachs” translates like “badger” and “hund” means “dog”. So, Dachshunds are badger dogs

#3 You can find these dogs in three different sizes: standard (32 pounds), average and mine (11 pounds)

#4 There are also 3 types of coats. These dogs can have longhaired, smooth and wire-haired coats

#5 Dachshunds are dogs that were the first Olympic mascot (1972)

#6 These dogs can leave up to 20 years