15 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Akita Inu

The Akitas are big but very lovely dogs. And here are 15 facts prove that these pets are so unusual!

#1 This breed is a national treasure in Japan

Many years ago only people from the imperial family could have these dogs. So, Akitas were treated like royalty.

#2 There are two different types of these dogs

Originally Akitas were bred in Japan. But there were some breeding projects in America and, as the result, today there are two different types of Akitas: Japanese and American.

#3 Akitas are calm dogs

They don’t bark a lot, so every owner should take barking seriously, because these dogs do this when there is a real threat.

#4 Akitas don’t like sharing anything

It is related to their space, food and even the owner’s attention.

#5 They are dogs for big families

Akitas love spending a lot of time with people. They always want a lot of attention.

#6 The Akita Inu really loves snow

These dogs can easily adapt to any environment, but a cold winter with the snow is what they like the most.