15 Spectacular Horse Tattoos and Their Symbolic Meanings

The horse has forever been a man’s best friend. Man’s love of the horse has led the horse tattoos to become this popular. Horse tattoos are often the embodiment of resilience, power, and strength, and deserves to be tried by those who have survived through the hardships. Read on to get a detailed insight on horse tattoo ideas.

#1 Great SHOULDER tattoo design

There are a variety of horse tattoo designs which can be opted for and they are known to combine both the symbolic looks and great looks.

Horse tattoos are mostly large in size and are placed  at the leg, shoulders, hip, and chest or at the back.

#2 Awesome colorful tattoo for your HIP

#3 Wonderful horse look tattoo for your CHEST

#4 Absolute stunning tattoo design for the BACK

#5 Fantastic tattoo desighn for the LEG

#6 Unusual tattoo for the WRIST

Smaller horse tattoos can be placed on the wrist, nape, and at the ankle as well.