15 Great Dane Interesting Facts You Might Not Know

The Great Dane has been called the “Apollo of Dogs.” With his muscular body, regal bearing and big size, he is immediately recognizable and, once seen, never forgotten. Here are 15 funny facts about this amazing breed:

#1 The Great Dane is actually not a Dane.

Homeland of modern Great Dane - Germany.

#2 Great Dane comes in six colors and patterns.

The breed standard recognizes six colors and patterns: golden fawn with a black mask, brindle (black chevron stripes on a gold background); glossy black; pure steel blue-gray; harlequin (a white base color with black torn patches distributed over the entire dog); and mantle (a solid black blanket extending over the body and a black head, with a white face blaze, neck collar, chest and white on the forelegs).

#3 Size.

The breed standard prefers adult males to be a minimum of 32 inches tall at the shoulder and adult females a minimum of 30 inches at the shoulder, provided they are well proportioned to their height.

#4 Natural or cropped ears?

Although most Great Danes especially in the U.S. have their ears cropped for the show ring to stand erect, many pet owners prefer a natural, dropped ear. 

#5 Good apartment dogs.

The Dane can be very content in the city, and many even feel fine in apartments. 

#6 The Great Dane doesn’t have the longest life expectancy.

As a giant breed, Danes have shorter lives than other breeds. Their life span of 7 or 8 years is common. 

    • Not a fair statement Penelope. My Freddy passed away from osteosarcoma soon after his 7th birthday. I did everything I could and spared no expense attempting to keep him comfortable in a futile effort to save his life. Watch your words, they hurt