15 Facts Shetland Sheepdog Owners Should Be Prepared For

We hope this list of facts about Shetland Sheepdogs gave you a better appreciation of your best friend.

#1 They have a piercing voice.

To stay friendly relations with neighbors, it is necessary to train a dog from an early age. The pet must understand when to bark, and when not.

#2 These dogs are very active.

#3 Active molt twice a year.

#4 Tendency to sound an alarm in case of danger.

Often they can bark even at birds flying into the owner's garden.

#5 Dogs of this breed are very smart.

They are able to understand the new command that they hear for the first time. 

#6 The leading position in popularity among dogs of appropriate sizes.

They achieve particular success in competitions related to the execution of various commands. They also show unrivaled abilities in tasks related to dexterity and search.