15 Facts For Those Who Are Going To Adopt An Italian Greyhound

If you think that Italian Greyhounds are just race dogs, be sure, you are mistaken. These dogs are great companions for people. They can become really great pets. And here are 15 facts that prove they are very interesting and amazing dogs.

#1 Surprisingly, they don’t need a lot of exercises. Several walks a day for 20 minutes will be more than enough!

#2 They run faster than any other dogs, but love to relax most of all. They are also known as “the 40 miles per hour couch potato”

#3 They don’t need a lot of space because these dogs are compact enough. You don’t even need to have a big backyard for such a dog if you take it for walks regularly

#4 Italian Greyhounds are very lovely, friendly and affectionate. They love a lot of attention and don’t mind cuddling with their owners.

#5 They need a company. If you have a dog already and want to adopt one more, think about this breed – it will be one of the best choices!

#6 These dogs pay a lot of attention to your voice. They can easily understand how you feel when they listen to the tone of their owners’ voice