15 Best Breed Features of Miniature Pinchers

Affectionate and gentle beast – Miniature Pinscher. This is a loving, affectionate, playful and friendly breed.

#1 The indisputable advantages of this breed include excellent hearing and sharp scent, dedication, endurance and hunting dexterity.

#2 Pinschers possess an amazing gait, reminiscent of a procession of a thoroughbred riding horse.

#3 A dog of this breed is often described as energetic and fearless.

#4 Pinschers are able to bounce to a height of up to 1.5 meters. Most often, thus, animals greet the owner, show the joy of meeting.

#5 This universal breed of dogs with dignity copes with the various tasks that a person sets before it.

#6 These pets combine such wonderful qualities as intelligence, devotion, energy and courage.