14 Tips for Taking Care of Your Tibetan Terrier

The good-natured favorite of children and adults is the Tibetan Terrier. A magnificent dog with luxurious hair, the Tibetan Terrier needs a lot of care in order to maintain its bright appearance.

#1 The Tibetan Terrier adapts perfectly – this is one of the main characteristics of this breed.

#2 You live in a private house or apartment, your dog will feel good everywhere with sufficient mobility.

#3 Keep in mind that he needs to be on the street at least twice a day and walk at least an hour.

#4 The hair of the breed is demanding. A very long cover of Tibetan Terriers is recommended to comb out at least 2 times a week using a brush with long teeth or a metal comb.

#5 During molting, which takes place twice a year, in spring and autumn, it is better to process the wool every day.

#6 Before combing, it is worth treating the pet’s coat with conditioner for ease of handling.