14 Surprising Facts About Boxers

#7 Boxers are not aggressive

They can get alone not only with dogs but with other animals too.

#8 These dogs have great bite forces

But, fortunately, they do not tend to bite their owners or animals.

#9 Boxer is a dog with the longest tongue!

A Boxer Brandy has a very long tongue – 17 inches long, as Guinness World Records reports.

#10 These dogs have unusual jaw

“Undershot” is what typical for any boxer. But anyway, their smiles are cute enough.

#11 They love different activities

Especially, Boxers like to travel a lot with their owners.

#12 They are great service dogs

They really love people, that is why they are good guide dogs for blind people, they help shut-ins and excellent pets for those who have epilepsy.