14 Surprising Facts About Boxers

The Boxers are very popular dogs, because they are friendly and clever. But here are some more facts you probably didn’t know about them. So, you should definitely know these things before you decide to adopt a Boxer.

#1 The name of the breed appeared as the result of the dogs behavior. They like to play with each other by standing on their legs and “boxing”.

#2 This is originally a herding breed

#3 Boxers need a lot of exercises

These dogs are very active, and it is important to keep them in shape.

#4 This is a molosser dog

This is a breed that comes from Molossers (The Mastiff and the Pit Bull are too).

#5 These dogs are so affectionate!

They love people so much, especially kids. That is why it is better to adopt a Boxer if you have a big family.

#6 Boxers are prone to different diseases

Especially, they are prone to skin, heart and bone problems.