14 Outstanding Horses

Horses are really amazing animals. They are very smart and love people. And here you can know about 14 famous horses all over the world!

#1 Seabiscuit

This is the most famous racehorse. Seabiscuit was one of the short horses. That is why the results of the first 40 races were not great. But even so then this horse has become the leader in a lot of other competitions. This horse also was American Horse of the 1938 Year.

#2 Marengo

Marengo was the horse of the famous Napoleon. He was small but really significant. Marengo was ridden at the most famous battles. The horse was able to travel very long distances and transport his owner 80 miles in just 5 hours!

#3 Caviar

Caviar is a racehorse. She was the winner of 25 races and had 15 Group One victories. Moreover, this horse was the World Champion Sprinter 2010-2013.

#4 Bret Hanover

Bret Hanover is also a racehorse that won 62/68 starts and Triple Crown of Harness Racing. Moreover, Bret Hanover is the only horse named United States Harness Horse of the year 3 times.    

#5 Citation

Citation was the first horse in the world to win $1 000 000! Also, he was a racehorse and won a Triple Crown an America.

#6 Dr. Fager

Dr. Fager is the only horse to have 4 titles in one year. He got them at the age of 4! This horse is famous as co-champion grass horse, the Horse of the year, champion sprinter and champion handicap horse. He won a lot of races and even set a world record!