14 New Facts About The Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo, due to its unusual appearance and excellent qualities, is quite popular among dog breeders and is highly regarded in their circle.

#1 This breed came to Italy, according to scientists, around the 16th century on the ships of Turkish sailors, who very often sailed to Italy.

#2 This breed is distinguished by quick wit, excellent swimming ability and the fact that it lends itself well to training, for which it was appreciated by sailors.

#3 Thanks to their dense water-repellent coat, they coped well with the supply of game, even from the water, even in winter. Also, these dogs were common among fishermen who used them to pull small boats on a rope.

#4 In the 19th century, swamps were drained in the vicinity of Ravenna, birds became much smaller and hunters, respectively, became smaller. Lagotto Romagnolo remained unemployed, their popularity declined.

#5 Today, Lagotto-Romagnolo is considered the best “mushroom picker” among all breeds, capable of detecting truffles at a depth of 80 cm.

#6 Finding truffles is an unusually gambling activity for both humans and dogs. The lagotto find is delivered to the owner.