14 Interesting Facts About The Mushroom Picker – Lagotto Romagnolo

Dogs of the Lagotto Romagnolo breed are perhaps the only dog breed in the world that was bred for such an unusual purpose as the search for mushrooms, namely truffles.

#1 Lagotto Romagnolo has a sharp scent that allows them to easily find the “underground treasure” – the truffle.

#2 The dog was also often used as a hunter and aportman from the water.

#3 The dog has a surprisingly sharp sense of smell, is attentive to the owner, smart, gentle and disciplined.

#4 The peculiarity of the dog is that it reacts only to the smell of the beast (prey) or mushrooms, other smells are not interesting to it.

#5 Lagotto Romagnolo is obedient and complaisant, does not allow himself anything superfluous, which makes the dog a great friend, a member of the family.

#6 Lagotto Romagnolo gets along well with pets, with all, without exception.