14 Incredible Facts About Dalmatians

Each of you must have seen this spotted dog in the back seat of a fire truck or in a movie, but how much do you really know about an unusual breed? This sleek and athletic dog breed, known as Disney’s Dalmatian 101 star, has a history, a colorful and diverse past. The subject of history and cultural legends, the beloved Dalmatian, boldly contributed to the history of dogs and to the history of mankind.

Today I thought it would be fun to share increadible facts about this breed.

#1 History of origins are mysterious

The Dalmatian's origins are unknown. Some people believe the dogs come from Dalmatia, a region in modern day Croatia. The canines were dogs of war and used as sentinels. Others believe the dogs are as old as the ancient Egyptians - paintings of spotted dogs running by chariots can be found in the tombs.

#2 Dalmatian Nicknames

The old breed has taken on a lot of names over the years, including the English Coach Dog, the Carriage Dog, the Plum Pudding Dog, the Fire House Dog, and the Spotted Dick. 

#3 ”101 Dalmatians” and popularity

In 1956 Dodie Smith introduced the book The Hundred and One Dalmatians. After this event the numbers of adopted Dalmatians increased dramatically. The breed’s popularity continued when Disney released the animated movie version in 1961.

Unfortunately, the Dalmatian boom led to a lot of Dals in shelters. Families found that they didn’t always get along with children. For many of them, they were not ready for the responsibility. As a result, many Dals found themselves without a home.

#4 Dalmatians are all-purpose dogs.

The breed is very versatile and has been used for many purposes over the years. They're talented sporting dogs, and are used as birding dogs, trail hounds, boar hunters, and retrievers. 

#5 Firehouse Dogs

Although commonly portrayed as a firehouse dog in story and modern history, the Dalmatian was actually bred to be a coach dog. While running with the coach, the spotted dog protected the horses from other dogs.

Once the fire engine was not horse drawn but motorized, the Dalmatian became an associated mascot for the firemen.

#6 Company symbol

The breed has been associated with the brewery since 1950, when a Dal was introduced as the Budweiser Clydesdales' mascot.

The Dalmatians were historically used to help protect the beer wagons and expensive horses during deliveries, thus earning their inclusion in the picturesque group that symbolizes the company.

The current Budweiser dogs are named Chip, Brewer, and Clyde.