14 Hilarious Photos That Prove Huskies Are The Weirdest Dogs Ever

Part panda, part seal and part Husky, Maru (@maruhusky) is most certainly an Instagram star. This adorably naughty Siberian Husky has over 350,000 followers on the social media platform. It’s little wonder given this Siberian Husky is always smiling. Scroll down to check out the funniest Husky on the internet???

#1 Meet Maru ??

#2 The Husky is a completely unusual dog. ?

#3 The dog has congenital heterochromia… ?

#4 Also the coloring of its wool is very similar to the coloring of pandas ???

#5 Due to its bright appearance and excellent photogenicity…?

#6 Maru already managed to become an Instagram star…?