14 Great Dane Wisdoms That Make Them Special

The Great Dane is an incredibly cheerful, kind, gentle and sociable doggie. Always calm and confident, they will never bark with no reason. The dogs of this breed can be recommended as perfect pets for the family. They feel the mood of their owners very well. Their favorite pastime is to be with family members, so we highly do not recommend leaving these dogs alone for a long time, otherwise it may negatively affect their psyche.

Here are some pictures showing how much wisdom and kindness Great Danes have for you:

#1 He is extremely loyal and friendly to you.

#2 Great Dane easily becomes a friend even with cats.

#3 He is ready to stand any childish pranks.

#4 Great Dane always make sure that you are safe.

#5 He will take care of everyone around.

#6 It is hard to find more tender dog.