14 Funny Shiba Inu Pictures That Will Make Your Day!

Have you ever heard a  “shiba scream”, that is a distinguishing characteristic of the breed? If you don`t want to be this scream victim, never provoke, and make your Shiba Inu unhappy!

#1 That`s how spy under cover looks like

Try to find here the real Shiba Inu!:)

#2 Why is so small portion of yogurt here? I will complaint to the producer!

#3 Where is the baby`s socks? Why are his feet so cold? Do something immediately, woman!

#4 Who said about taking a bath? I`m ready for bath procedures!

#5 Ok, I have 5 minutes to eat it all before daddy comes back!

#6 I love you, cat! Give me a hug!

What`s wrong with you, fur? Are you crazy?