14 Funny Pictures Showing the True Temperament of Akita Inu

What do you know about Akita Inu except the story of Hachiko? Here we will try to show you how beautiful these dogs are in reality. Check the list and enjoy?!

#1 Akita Inu puppy is the best present ever! You will get the most loyal friend for at least the next 15 years

#2 Akita Inu is crazy for food so your lunch can be stolen once

#3 Your fur friend loves sweets, cookies and other yummy food but you need to have an iron control because dogs are not allowed to eat all of this!

#4 Are you really my Akita Inu? You looks like a tramp dog now!

#5 If you think your Akita Inu will be good babysitter you are wrong! your puppy needs his own babysitter!

#6 Can I help you, human?