14 Facts From The History Of The Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier dog is considered a saint. The monks called them “little people” because they often served as companions for them and ordinary people. The owners loved them so much that they treated them like their children or relatives and would not have sold them for any money. After all, they were considered talismans, attracting luck.

#1 The Tibetan Terrier for centuries was bred in monasteries by Tibetan priests.

#2 These dogs in China are considered to bring happiness, even today in some houses photos of these hilarious doggies adorn the walls. Nevertheless, in ancient times they were considered working dogs and were used as shepherd or guard dogs.

#3 In Chinese, these dogs are called “Tsang Apso,” which translates into English as “a shaggy dog ​​from Tsang Province.”

#4 They got the name “Tibetan Terrier” with a light hand of the British, who thought that these puppies of this breed are similar to their favorite terriers, although in reality they have nothing to do with popular pets from foggy Albion.

#5 The first representatives of the Tibetan Terrier breed appeared several millennia ago. There is evidence that their ancestor is a very ancient breed of dog.

#6 There is a version that the Tibetan Terrier dog was bred due to the crossing of poodle dogs from Mongolia (Northern part) and the North Kunlun breed of dogs.