14 Amazing Facts About Corgis

You want to have a dog but don`t know what breed to choose? Think about Corgi. There are 14 facts that prove these dogs are the best pets:

#1 Corgi is also known as “Dwarf Dog”

This translation exactly shows what corgis are. These dogs aren’t tall – nearly 12 inches. And their weight is only 25 pounds.

#2 These dogs are very smart

That is why it is important to train them regularly. Use different dog puzzles to keep your corgi from getting bored.

#3 They like different activities

Corgis like to learn something new, that is why it is easy to train them. They will be happy if you take them on a ride bike with you.

#4 They like to make new friends

These dogs are very friendly. Corgis like to play with other animals, especially with dogs.

#5 Corgis can easily get along with cats

This breed is unique because corgis don’t hate cats – they enjoy spending time with them!

#6 Corgis are great babysitters

Corgis love to play with children and love a lot of attention just like kids.