The 15 Most Incredible Pomeranians You Have Ever Seen

Each of us met these sweet soft little balls of happiness. The owners of these lumps of happiness love them so much that they want their pets to be unique. We present you 15 unique Pomeranian dogs:

#1 Rainbow tail

#2 Crazy squirrel

  1. This picture is appalling what dog lover could do this to a previous beautiful animal this isn’t right I can just about tolerate people dying their tales but this is outrageous poor dog looks a jester you should be ashamed

#3 Pinky tail

#4 Indigo child

  1. Why is it needed to color dogs fur like this it’s not a fashion accessory dogs are all beautiful in their own right this is outrageous

#5 Pinky

#6 Purple tail

  1. I would never die my Pom
    He is magnificent as is with the most beautiful coat. Why ruin it with artificial color. It’s not even pretty. It’s sad