The 10 Happiest Dachshunds Ever!

Someone obviously having fun here! So sweet and heartwarming in bitter times! Every time he tires to put the ball into the machine he is just a bit conflicted….he really likes chewing on the ball…But likes the joy of chasing it down to. Either way…that’s one happy sausage dog ! I mean THEY’re all HAPPY!!!

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#1 They love to play fetch!






#7 That dog is very smart!

He knows how to put the ball back in and load it.

#8 The little jig he does when he’s waiting for the ball to fly out

At this point, why even own a dog?

#9 This is what happens when people get too lazy to own a dog.

#10 iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

He’s playing his favorite game: FETCH!