Meet 15 of the Cutest American Staffordshire Terriers in the World

American Staffordshire Terriers look strong for their size, combining a muscular stockiness with graceful poise. They have short, shiny and dense coats which can come in any color.

#1 American Staffordshire Terriers are loving, loyal dependable dogs

#2 “AmStaff” is an affectionate, dependable and happy friend with loads of energy and intelligence

#3 American Staffordshire Terriers possess a natural eagerness to please their owners

#4 With proper care and attention, your AmStaff can be an exemplary member of the family

#5 AmStaffs can pull very heavy objects, bite through rubber and wire, and they have a high tolerance for pain and fatigue

#6 You should consider an AmStaff only if you have the time, strength and know-how to train and socialize your pet