Male Dog Names – 30 Best Dog Names and Meanings

Choosing a name for a new boy puppy is incredibly important and everyone wants their dog to have an unique name.Take a look at our list of best male dog names with meanings.

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  • Beldin – An English name that means beautiful valley
  • Charuchit – A name from India meaning person with a beautiful mind
  • Skön – The Swedish word meaning beautiful
  • Beaufort – A name meaning beautiful fortress
  • Sebah – A Muslim name meaning pretty or handsome
  • Beau – This name means beautiful
  • Nzuri – The word meaning beautiful in Swahili
  • Li-Wei – A Chinese name that means beautiful rose
  • Mailie – A name from China meaning beautiful
  • Beauchamp – A French name meaning beautiful field
  • Muirfinn – A Scottish name that means dwells near the beautiful sea
  • Finnin – An Irish name that means beautiful child
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  • Hasan – beautiful or good
  • Laquan – This Spanish name means beautiful divine
  • Beaumont – A French name that means from the beautiful mountain
  • Charuhas – An individual with a beautiful smile
  • Akeno – A Japanese name that means beautiful sunrise
  • Rupinder – means greatest beauty
  • Ervin – A Scottish name that means beautiful
  • Charudata – A Hindu name that means beautiful
  • Camlo – A Dutch and Romani name that means beauty or beautiful
  • Uilani – beauty or royal beauty
  • Krásný – The Czech word for beautiful
  • Bello – An Italian name meaning handsome
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  • Bonic – The word for pretty
  • Polit – The Basque word for beautiful
  • Gamil – meaning beauty or loveliness
  • Kalidasa – a beautiful swan
  • Lalit – A Sanskrit name meaning one who is beautiful
  • Argider – A name meaning beautiful light