8 Most Popular And Beautiful Types Of Mastiffs

At first glance, the same mountain mastiff, the Belgian mastiff, “Asian” or Russian mastiff may seem rather calm and even phlegmatic. In fact, behind the external indifference lies a strong character. Mastiff is the ancestor of all varieties of working dogs. But before you buy yourself a puppy of this breed, it is worthwhile to find out in more detail what types of mastiffs are.

#1 English Mastiff.

English Mastiff - an old breed originally from the UK. This is one of the largest breeds of dogs, differing in philosophical temper and remarkable strength. 


Despite its impressive size and formidable appearance, it is an obedient and kind dog

#3 Brazilian Mastiff /Fila Brasileiro.

Dogs of this breed are also called Brazilian mastiffs. This aggressive by nature dog is used in Brazil as a watchman as well as a hunting dog. 


Fila Brasileiro does not trust strangers, so hospitable people are better not to get such dogs.

#5 Bullmastiff.

The appearance of the bullmastiff causes respect and leaves no doubt about its strength. However, in the family, like another good giant - Bordeaux mastiff, he shows himself from the best side. 


An obedient, prudent, devoid of internal malice, the bullmastiff grows into an excellent playmate and reliable protector. He lives on a whim, is always ready to help and unmistakably guesses the mood of the owner.