20 Things Only Golden Retriever Owners Understand

It’s a Golden Retriever Thing! We understand that your golden retriever is a member of your family.

  • Hugging
  • Fun
  • Adorable eyes
  • Talking
  • Big paws
  • Golden fur
  • That smile
  • Tapping you with their paw for attention
  • Loving you with all their heart
  • Pinching socks

  • Trying to fit more tennis balls in their mouths
  • Letting me hold their paw while I pet them
  • Holding toy in mouth
  • Putting head on your lap
  • Bring anything in there mouth’s
  • To go crazy for attention when a guest arrives
  • Always ready for a belly rub
  • Kisses, belly rubs and the gorgeous Golden smile
  • Big heart of gold
  • Always happy