16 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Yorkshire Terriers

#13 They’re really needy. You can’t go anywhere without them.

  1. Yuuup, everytime i grab my keys, my Yorkie keeps barking like maaad as if saying “WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT I’M COMING WITH YOU!!”

  2. Borh of my Yorkies were rescues. I was seen as the rescuer but the could not be further from the truth. I cannot imagine life without a Yorkie by side. Yorkies are a huge serving of love but comes in a tiny beautiful package. Thank God for Yorkies❣

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#14 When it’s windy, they look ridiculous.

#15 We warn you once again: You should NOT get a Yorkie.

#16 Don’t get a Yorkie if you want a faithful friend, who will be by your side when you’re sad, and that will make you happy every day of your life.

  1. I have had many yorkies through 15 years through good and bad time and they are always with me, i gave them to friends, all thanked me for giving them such best babies to be on their sides too. we all love yorkies.

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