16 Photos That Prove That Dachshunds Are Great Hunters

The problem caused by badgers and other animals living in burrows has occurred in many countries. Therefore, selection of short-legged dogs with an elongated torso was of particular need, because only such dogs could expel the pest from the hole. The first representative of such dogs was the Dachshund breed, and she appeared in Germany. For 500 years, Dachshunds have been distributed throughout the country. They were valued for their sharp scent, small size, persistence in digging and courage in the face of a formidable enemy.

We present to you 16 photos that prove that Dachshunds are still wonderful hunters.

#1 They are fearless.

#2 They have a wonderful scent.

#3 They are compact.

#4 This breed was bred as a hunting one.

#5 They pursue prey even in burrows.

#6 They are masters of camouflage.