15 Things That Every Jack Russell Can Do

The Jack Russell Terrier is a reliable representative of hunting dog breeds, the origin of which is the United Kingdom. These dogs for many years led a successful fox hunt. Jack Russell does his job well as a hunter. Jack’s natural instincts oblige his owners to a certain, individual approach in raising and caring for a pet. This species of terrier is very popular due to its cheerfulness, mobility, vigor and devotion. Here are 15 things that every Jack Russell can do:

#1 They read in the toilet.

Nothing sets up a working day like reading the morning press in the toilet.

#2 They can control themselves.

#3 They know how to beg.

Mommy, give me a snack.

#4 They know how to wink.

Hey baby, you look great.

#5 They can yawn.

#6 They have very cute smile.