15 Surprising Things You Probably Don’t Know About Basset Hounds

#7 A lot of baths are required

These dogs pick up a lot of dirt because they are much closer to the ground that the other dogs.  Don’t forget about their eyes. Wiping is important if you want to prevent any infection.

#8 But swimming is a bad idea

Basset Hounds have some troubles with swimming. Their thick bodies and stubby legs don’t make them good swimmers.

#9 They have a great voice

Basset Hounds are considered to be very melodious dog breed.

#10 Marilyn Monroe is one of the celebrities who owned this dog

#11 These dogs are dwarves

All dogs of this breed have achondroplasia. That is why their bones growth is a bit genetically abnormal.

#12 Basset Hounds shed frequently