15 Incredible Facts About Chow Chows That You Didn’t Know

The Chow Chow is a truly ancient breed of dog. In 2004, a study of the canine genome showed that of the 85 breeds of dogs, 14 belong to the ancients, including Chow Chows. Most likely, the Chow comes from ancient Tibetan Mastiffs. Perhaps his family tree is rooted in the ancient Norwegian Elkhound.

#1 Motherland.

China is the birthplace of Chow. The image of this dog can be found on the ancient Chinese bas-reliefs of the Han dynasty, where the chow is depicted as a hunting dog. Such bas-reliefs date back to 150 BC! In China, Chow was used as an excellent hunting dog for game and, sadly, the Chinese loved chow-chow meat, and its fur was a great commodity!

#2 Appearance in Europe.

According to surviving sources it is known that the first chow-chow was introduced to Europe in 1880, it appeared in England. The dogs were exhibited at the London Zoo. Queen Victoria really liked Chow Chows. From England, the dog came to the United States. A separate breed of a Chow Chow was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1903, and already in 1906 a Chow Chow Club appeared in America. This dog ranks 65th among the registered breeds.

#3 Character.

Some people compare the character of the Chow Chow with the cat: they are just as discreet, intelligent and stubborn. Despite their sullen appearance, well-educated Chows never show aggression. The Chows are very sociable, but they will only play with family members, but these dogs treat strangers with distrust. If the Chow notices that the stranger is a threat to the owner or family, then it is likely that the pet will give a fitting rebuff. However, the Chow Chow may allow a stranger to stroke himself, but this is possible only in the presence of the host. The dogs of this breed require a process of early socialization, which must begin to carry out from the first days of the appearance of the puppy in the house.

#4 Unique features.

Dark blue tongue, wool resembling a teddy bear, the appearance of a lion and a beautiful, slightly unnatural, gait.

#5 Attitude towards people.

Quite often, the Chow is characterized as an aggressive animal towards people. Such cases are when the socialization of the dog, and its training began at a later age. Early socialization will be the key to the normal development of the animal, the dog will understand who is a stranger, and who is his own, will be able to correctly assess the potential threat and make adequate decisions.

#6 Dimensions.

The Chow Chow grow to medium size. The muzzle of the Chow Chow is wide, which is caused by the peculiarities of the shape of the head, the dog has small triangular ears, smooth thick hair, the color of which can vary from red, black, milky to white. The tail of the dog is medium long, twisted up.