14 Sporty Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Boxers

These big dogs have an even bigger heart. You will find a lot of reason to fall in love with them! Such thing as powerful body, expressive face, clownish sense of humor, innate intelligence, and an intense attachment to his people will make you get one immediately.

#1 As their name suggests, these dogs have an impressive left hook

#2 Their snouts are meant to be half the length of their skull

#3 Boxers can come in three colors: Fawn, brindle, and white

#4 These dogs suffer from some serious Peter Pan syndrome

It takes boxers about three years to reach maturity, making their puppyhoods one of the longest in the dog world.

#5 The wrinkles in their face worked as canals, channeling blood away from the eyes

#6 There are a ton of celebrities with Boxers

Some include: Hugh Jackman, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Luke Perry, Ryan Reynolds, and Chelsea Handler.