14 Reasons Jack Russells Are The Worst Indoor Dog Breed Of All Time

#1 They’re only using you.

#2 Can’t I be any more clear?

  1. Are they’ve mastered getting there point across real fast no misunderstanding there. Not sure who put this little info together but so far there failing miserably lol

    • Info page failed jrts passing with flying colors what you expected less from ajrt not gonna happen. They always set very high goals for themselves. Yes they reach them. Hey you got one right with my help.

#3 They’re using you to have a roof over their heads.

  1. Wrong they have no need to use us when we bend over backwards making sure they have all they need. Very smart dogs

#4 They pretend to be cute…

#5 …but really, deep down inside, they’re plotting ways to take over your domain.