14 Interesting Facts About French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are cheerful, smart and funny dogs. Their temperament is a mix of calmness, confidence (taken from English Bulldog) and fighting qualities (taken from American Bulldog).

#1 French Bulldog is a small fighting dog

In XIX century there was a lack of cats in France so dogs of this breed were very popular, because  they were good rat-hunting dogs!

#2 French Bulldogs can`t swim

They have heavy body and short limbs, that makes impossible for these dogs to swim.

#3 French Bulldog can`t breed independently

Due to their physical characteristics, breeding is possible using artificial insemination only.

#4 French Bulldog is prone to skin diseases, allergies, urolithiasis

#5 French Bulldog snores

Snoring is a distinctive feature of the breed.

#6 French bulldogs like to sleep in very strange positions

The favourite one is the frog style