14 Hearty Facts About Australian Cattle Dogs

The Australian Cattle dog is one of the best herders famous for its loyalty and intelligence.

#1 The Australian Cattle Dog is a very distinct looking herding dog

#2 The Australian Cattle Dog comes in several variations of blue and red

#3 They are born practically white and obtain more color as they grow

#4 You may hear the Australian Cattle Dog also be called a Blue-Heeler or a Red-Heeler

#5 Remember Mad Max 2? ‘Dog’ was a rescued blue Australian Cattle Dog

#6 These wonderful dogs are fearless

#7 They have a very high pain tolerance and are the rugby players of the dog world

#8 This guy needs to nap between rugby sessions!

#9 Australian Cattle Dogs are bred to work

#10 They are very smart and require stimulation to keep them from becoming destructive

#11 A proper ACD should have an un-docked tail

#12 The Australian Cattle Dog lives an average 11 to 15 years

#13 The Australian Cattle Dog is a result of many breeds being mixed together

#14 Some Australian Cattle Dogs have a white star on their forehead