14 Best Activities For Your Toy Fox Terrier

Somebody can say to you that Toy Fox Terriers are too active and you won`t be able to train them. It isn`t so! It`s necessary just to know what your dog likes.

#1 Treadmill

Teach your dog how to walk on the machine; go slowly at first. Walk on it with them until they get their confidence. Keep the pace slow and easy at first, before increasing the pace. With this activity, your dog will always be able to have a walk each day.

#2 Walking Excursion

Walking is always the best exercise you can give your dog. It provides the excuse to get out of the house and see some new sights.

#3 Making the Bed

Changing a bed can be made into a fun activity for your dog. As you take the pillowcases and the sheets off, give it to your dog to put in the laundry basket.

#4 Shake Hands

Start by sitting with your dog, saying 'shake hands'. At the same time, reach down and take hold of their paw. Do this a couple of times and then give them a treat for doing it. Then, try the command to shake hands again and see if they raise their paw.

#5 Balance a Treat on Their Nose

This trick takes a bit of learning as your dog will just want to eat the treat. But teach them to sit, and then gently put a treat on their nose, and say stay. If they try to grab the treat, say no. Take the treat and try again. They don't get the treat until you say so.

#6 Doing the Dog Crawl

Teach your dog to crawl by getting down to their level and getting them to lie down. Then hold a treat just out of range of their mouth. If they raise up, take the treat away and repeat the order to lie down.