Want To Rent An Animal-Friendly Property? You Need A Pet Resume

In an increasingly competitive rental market, you need every advantage you can get. You may not have considered it necessary before, but providing a pet resume is now seen as an increasingly sensible way of helping to convince landlords that you, and your pet, are the perfect tenants for the abode that is being advertised.

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In fact, why wouldn’t a landlord want to see information regarding your pet? Any landlord will have two primary concerns: will they get paid (regularly and on time), and will the prospective tenant respect the property, maintaining its condition while they live there and fully respecting its legacy upon vacating. And it is this second point that applies as much to your pet as it does to you. If landlords complete due diligence on you, as the occupier, then they will certainly want to do the same for your pet.

So, what should a pet resume include?

The basics

You need to start with all the formal details of your pet, which obviously includes the type of animal, and then breed. Unfortunately, landlords will and do make assumptions based on these details, so this will simply make the rest of the resume even more vital to get right.

Your (and your pet’s) rental history

This may be the second singularly most important section of your pet resume. This is where you give the information regarding all previous rental experiences, or even details about times your pet has stayed in a boarding kennel, obedience training sessions, animal hotel or similar type of accommodation. Here you will need to include information about the length of stay, details of any issues that arose while you were there, and then perhaps the most important part…


Definitely include references from anyone who can be deemed persuasive with regards to a resume. So that means former landlords as the priority. Ensure that the reference is as detailed as possible and so acts to reinsure any prospective landlords of the good behavior of your pet.

“Personally, I do not think that, these days, it will be possible to rent a property with a pet without some kind of written reference from a trusted source. Obviously, a former landlord is the most suitable person to give this reference, but if you do not have this available, then you will have to be more creative in who you use. The owners of any kennels that your pet has stayed in while you have been on vacation would be ideal, as would be anyone who has house-sat your pet, although in that case they are likely to be a friend or relative, and so the reference would not hold as much weight,” recommends Francis Dalton, a lifestyle writer at Research Paper Help.

Need help writing a pet resume?

Writing a pet resume, indeed any resume, can be a challenging prospect. In fact, the quality of writing can influence decision-making in any number of situations, and so producing well-written texts is a valuable ability. Fortunately, there are a number of useful tools available to assist with such an undertaking, so you need not go it alone:

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Other things to include on your pet resume

As well as everything mentioned so far, the more information you can provide, as long as it is relevant, it will help your cause. Detailing your pet’s health, medical and training history could be persuasive here because you could include:

• Details of how your pet doesn’t shed, so pet hair is unlikely to be an issue.

• Information regarding your pet being spayed or neutered (which will affect behavior).

• Weight and size (for obvious reasons of whether a pet of that size would even be suitable to the accommodation under consideration).

• Any attendance of obedience training sessions, for example.

• A photo, for visual evidence of your pet.

• Any references to equipment that you pet uses, for example a cat’s play table (and dimensions of same)

In summary

Everything included on your pet resume should be focused on convincing the landlord that your pet will be a suitable tenant, and that you are a responsible pet owner. As a final gesture you could offer to meet that landlord to introduce him or her to your pet, and as an extreme solution, offer personally to pay for any damage that will (unlikely) be caused by your pet, although this will then need to be a contractual arrangement.