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40 Ways Komondors are The Kings of Dogs

Komondor or in plural: Komondorok are titled The King of Dogs not only with their large-sized, and keen instinct of protection but with its brave ancient history. 

Let’s talk about in detail how these mighty dogs deserved the title to be The Kings of Dogs.

Heritage of Excellent Guard Working Dogs

komondor dog looking around for preys
always on the lookout

Hundreds of years ago, the traditional methods of dealing with predators such as wolves and coyotes were shooting, trapping, using poison or electric fences, but these methods seem to work only temporarily because the number of predators surrounding the area is impossible to eliminate.

All thanks to Komordors, they guarded and protected the flock of sheep so sheep raisers don’t need to worry about their sheeps being devastatingly slaughtered by predators.

The element of Surprise

komondoro guarding traning with sheep friends
let’s guard them sheep!

Komondors have a massive white corded coat that makes them go among sheep, which helps them go unnoticed by the predators. So when wolves or coyotes approach they leap and scare them, giving them an element of surprise.

The keen instinct for protection

komondor enjoying the outdoors
short walks outdoors are the best!

Komondorok love their human so much that they want to take charges and keep their human insight, often following them from room to room. 


komondor happy to pose for the camera
my best asset is my dreadlocks!

Considering the Komondor’s heritage, they were trained to make their own decision for the benefit of the flock. Because of this, they became very helpful in many households today.

Largest Hungarian Breed

happy resting komondor in the ground
quick rest from a 10 min walk in the park.

The Komondorok are large dogs that weigh up to 70-80 lbs for females and 80-100 lbs for males. Adult males can stand up to 27.5 inches and females up to 25.5 tall. They are also in fact can reach up to 30 inches tall or more but that is rare.

Loves To Be Around Their Human “Flock”

laying on the floor komondor
I’ll go wherever you will go.

They are loving dogs that are happy laying down near their family keeping them insight.

Coats Aren’t For Show

komondor curiously walking around
showing off my perfect dreadlocks

Their dense, corded mop-like coat may standout from the crowd and looks unusual, it served a very important purpose. Not only helps them blend among flocks but also protects them from bites of predators hence making the predators’ bites useless.

Born with White, Fluffy and Shaggy Coat

puppy komondor with fluffy fur
born the cutest

When Komondor puppies are born they weren’t born with dreads. Just like any other dogs, they were cute innocent puppy with a white fluffy coat and you may enjoy this until they reach 8-12 months of age.

Loud Barker

komondor happy at the beach
salty hair, sand on my toes!

Their job in the early days was to scare and drive away predators when they reach the barn, their bark and braveness was the very foundation of their successful mark of territory. 


Devoted Human Companion

komondor and sunset
short walks in the afternoon with a beautiful view is always the best!

Komondorok will defend and protect their family and property with their life.

Going back hundreds of years ago, they simply live with the flock 24 hours a day, move when the flock moves, lay down when the flocks lay down, and drive predators away when they approach as their duty.

Big Dog, Big Personality

komondor watching you do your day
do you have good intentions, human?

Underneath that massive, long, corded coat is a loyal, brave, powerful working dog. 


komondor enjoying the view
looks good!

Komorodorok are indeed territorial. Hence, dog owners must build high fences to set limitations.


komondor enjoying her rest
this dirty ground is perfect for my clean fur tummy!

When they become adults, they become calm and inactive.


headshot of a komondor to love
don’t underestimate, I can still see you and protect you.

Komondorok love to lay down and stare at their owner as they go about their day.


cute puppy komo
this cute thing will melt your heart

Komondor’s may be doubtful at first. but once they get to accept you and respect you, they can be the most loving dog you can ever have. 

May Attack Someone They Perceive as Threat

komondor running with its massive dreadlocks
big alert dog ready to protect human.

And this can lead to a lawsuit, and you can call that “disaster”. Komondorok are very suspicious dog, so if you are not careful they may attack you. This can be avoided though, dog owners have to put them in proper trainings and start them socializing at a young age. 

They Don’t Get Along with Other Dogs

komondor happy for a short walk
need to exercise at least once a day to keep me healthy.

No matter how hard you try, they just don’t get along with other dogs. However, if they are properly trained and used to interactions, they may be friends with others. They will have excellent relations with cats and live stocks!

Aren’t Suited for Apartment Life

pom's dreadlocks in style
dreadlocks in style because I don’t like boring.

Komondorok need a big spacious area to rest and lay down. 

Easily Gets Bored

cute little brown komondoro
just being my cute self!

Because Komondorok are smart, they get bored easily when techniques are repetitive and will ignore your commands.

Their Coats Provide Protection From Extreme Weather.

black and white little komondorok
bff komondorok just chilling in the snow.

Their coat act as an insulator and a cooling mechanism.

Aren’t High Energy

komondor being cute in the camera
just being cute in front of mum.

They are already happy when they can keep their owner insight. 


komondor having a great day
having a great day and enjoying life!

They are loyal, and will always be there to protect and guard their family!

Suited for Larger Home Guardian

mop-like komo
mop-like feature is the best thing about me.

Komondor are large dogs that are fitted in large homes. They need a large area to rest and run around to keep themselves healthy. Komondorok are big dogs that need physical exercise at least a short walk every day.

 Loves Mental Excercise

dog and a beautiful sunset and the snowKomondor enjoying the beautiful sunset and the snow!

They like being challenged and they would be happy to have a trainer who engages with their mind.

Their Cords Don’t Need Brushing

3 komondors laying in living room
just being a weird komos

Though they don’t need brushing, Komodorok’s coat is not maintenance-free. When the cords begin to form it needs to be separated regularly to prevent matting and to remove dirt.

Challenge in Keeping Them Clean

komondor loving the grass
enjoying the sun and the green grass

Bathing and drying a Komondor is an all-day job. Trimming around its mouth is also suggested to help them eat it properly.

 Strong-Willed Dog

relaxing 2 komo
just being a lazy komo. stare at you later!

Komondorok will always be ready and willing to rise to the challenge of defending home and family.

 Little Exercise Needed

2 komondors staring from the glass door
can we come in now?

These dogs typically remain stationary in a guarding position which by the in a laying position. Though inactive, they should be taken to walk daily to keep them healthy.

Not Everyone Can Earn The Respect of Komondorok

pretty komondoro under the sun
sunshine above me and inside me.

These dogs have a big personality, so they need owners who si confident and can provide leadership. They aren’t a good choice for someone timid and a first-time dog owner.

Intimidating to an Inexperienced Dog owner

dog in the woods
always picture ready!

Because of Komondorok’s strong personality plus its large size, they are most likely a bad match to an inexperienced owner, but with the right person, they can be the most loyal dog to ever exist.

Aggressive to Other Dogs

adorable running komondoro
running exercise!

When Komondorok are taken for walks, you must be watchful as they may attack your neighboring dogs. especially if they see them as a threat.

But they are not totally harmful or dangerous as they only mean the absolute best for their owners. It is important to expose them early to different people and dogs in their early puppyhood.

Easy to Train

dog with chicken friends
ready to protect and guard my chicken friends!

When young, they are very easy to train as they are naturally intelligent and independent dogs, but not until they grow up and become a stubborn dog who decides for themselves.

Decides for Themselves

dog with tongue out resting for a while
The air is fresh I can taste it.

Traning is fun and all but not until they realize you were repeatedly doing the same tricks! They will choose which commands are worth obeying or not. So make sure you have a list of all the training session ideas ready.

Good Companions to Children

komondor smiling happily
thanks for taking me out for a walk, mum!

They are good with family children but because of their territorial trait, they may take time to accept visiting children. But when they finally accept and become familiar, they will treat them like family.

It is still important to not leave completely your children to the dog, after all, Komondorok are livestock guardians, not babysitters.

Not Easy to Introduce a New Member

3 little puppy in a fence
3 little pups just being cute.

Because they are very territorial and suspects everything out of their protective nature, it is a pain to introduce a newcomer permitted to go to your home. but once they cool down and accept them, this dog will be happy to add them as members of the flock.

Big Size / Small Eater

black komondor in snow
happy to be out and about!

These dogs may be big in size but they are a small eater and sometimes skips meals if not hungry!

Many say that it is part of their traditional job during the ancient days that they would share what the shepherd’s eating.

Quick and Agile

komondor with dancing breadlocks
Happy to be of service!

Though big in size, Komondor is quick to respond and won’t hesitate to knock down a potential predator.

Less Shedding

dog on a dirt
a little dirt won’t hurt

Their coat only shed once a year and during this time, the cords must be manually separated. It is such a simple process that it would only take a few hours of work each year.

Challenge in Obedience Class

komondor happy in snow
winter is my favorite season!

The dog owner must train its komondor in their early puppyhood to abide and follow orders to avoid future behavioral problems as this breed has a mind of its own they should know how to treat and behave when strangers visit their house.


Rare Breed

huge komondor
massive komondor out in snow

Komondor is a dog that most people have never seen!