20 Reasons NOT to BUY a Persian Cat

Persian cats are gentle, beautiful animals with a history that includes hieroglyphics dating back to B.C. times. The Persian cat seems to be a favorite throughout the world. This fluffy cat seems to leave everyone who sets eyes on it hopelessly bewitched and yearning to own one themselves. Does this sound like you? Before you dash out to buy a Persian cat, we implore you to read what we have to say.

#1 Don’t buy, adopt instead! They are beautiful kittens

Before you buy a Persian cat (or any cat) from a breeder please seriously consider adopting one from a rescue center instead.

#2 They grow into amazing adults

Here are a few facts:

-Approximately 3.4 million cats are given up to shelters in the US every year

#3 They have ridiculously amazing tails

33 to 40% of the cats that enter shelters every year are eventually euthanized as they can’t be found new homes – that’s between 1.1 and 1.3 million healthy cats put to sleep.

#4 They have fancy nose ruffs

Every cat purchased from a breeder means one less cat in a shelter is rehomed.

#5 They have weird fluff between their toes

Give them a second chance... to show all their love.

#6 They wear mad furry suit

#7 Their eyes are bewitching