15 Things Only Shiba Inu Parents Understand

An ancient Japanese breed, the Shiba Inu is very popular in Asia, but is relatively new to many other countries, such as European countries and the United States. The Shiba Inu is a small, dexterous pet that was originally reproduced for searching. It bears resemblance in appearance to the Akita, yet it is a lot smaller in stature.

Shibas are very unique dogs. They’re so unique that sometimes they don’t even seem like dogs. Here are 15 things that only Shiba Inu parents will understand:

#1 When they are newborn they looks like a teddy bears

#2 And lion cubs when they are puppies.

#3 When you go for a walk, people ask you if you have a fox/coyote/dingo/jackal and so on.

#4 Why so many people ask you if your dog is vicious? Then you remember and try to explain that it’s how they say “I love you” to other dogs.

#5 At night you cry yourself to sleep because you can’t figure out how their eyeliner game is so on point

#6 They have fangs that always stick out like vampire teeth.

Sometimes at night, you look over and think, “I hope I never make him mad.”