15 Rules For Those Who Have A Bull Terrier Puppy

So, the most joyful and solemn day in your life has come for you – you go to the breeder to pick up your Bull Terrier puppy from him/her. What to do next?

#1 Firstly, the puppy’s age should not be less than 1.5 months.

#2 Secondly, the puppy must be well-fed, healthy, take a course of age-specific vaccinations.

#3 It is very good if your pet is from a litter that has no more than 8 puppies.

#4 The Bull Terrier has characteristic external features: an egg-shaped head, a tight bone, a scissor bite, there should be 12 teeth in the mouth, eyes are small, having a triangular shape.

#5 Do not take your puppy with you to noisy places and to places where he can meet other dogs and puppies that have not undergone complete immunization.

#6 For the first couple of days in a new home, the puppy may feel embarrassed and scared.