14 Best Activities For Training your French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are very energetic dogs. And training is one of the most important things for them. If you want to make it more interesting for your pet, try different types of activities. There are 14 things you may offer your Bulldog – be sure, your little friend will be happy to play these games.

#1 Treasure hunt

This is a great game for puppies because it helps to train a lot of skills. You may find several paper cups and hide some treats under them. Then your pet will start looking for them and, surprisingly, you will both have a lot of fun.

#2 Hide and seek

This is a favorite game for all the dogs. First of all, your pet will learn some new commands but don’t forget about treats when you Bulldog finds you.

#3 Tug of war

Use not only rope – there are a lot of special toys for this game to make it more interesting.

#4 The laser pointer game

It is interesting not only for cats. Your French Bulldog will like to chase the mysterious dot.

#5 The stairs game

It is a great game and helps your pet to get all the exercise it needs. You may sit on the top of the stairs and throw different toys down for your Bulldog to catch. Then ask it to bring toys to you and give a reward.

#6 Learning course

This is a great opportunity not only to entertain your pet. You may use different subjects to help your pet to learn new commands. For example, a table will help to teach such commands like “on”, “under” and so on.