14 Amazing Poodle Mixes That You Must See To Believe

Poodle – representatives of decorative breeds of dogs with a long, amazing history, which successfully combines attractive appearance and sharp mind. A variety of colors, sizes, innate charisma, faultlessly recognizable, attractive appearance of dogs, high intelligence and intellect, life energy is provided. But what’s happened when people mix poodle with other breeds? Here we collect 14 amazing poodle mixes that you must see to believe:

#1 Poodlador

Poodle + Labrador Retriever 

#2 German Poodle

German Shepherd + Poodle

#3 Golden Poodle

Golden Retriever + Poodle 

#4 Bull Poodle

Poodle + Bulldog 

#5 Hoodle

Poodle + Husky 

#6 Doodle

Dachshund + Poodle 

#7 Coodle

Corgi + Poodle 

#8 Boodle

Boxer + Poodle 

#9 Poodhuahua

Chihuahua + Poodle 

#10 Maltipoop

Maltese + Poodle 

#11 Pugle

Poodle + Pug 

#12 Brindle Shar Poodle

Poodle + Shar Pei + Brindle Coated

#13 Poomeranian

Pomeranian + Poodle 

#14 Cocker Poodle

Cocker Spaniel + Poodle