14 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Own Springer Spaniels

#11 Springer Spaniels don’t like playing!

#12 And if you ever scratch them on the belly? There goes the rest of your day.

#13 We warn you once again: You should NOT get a Springer Spaniel.

  1. Oh but you should they are just wonderful,loveable,faithful,funny,intelligent. I can’t say enough about them. They have my whole heart.❤❤ But make sure you are able to give them the exercise they need.

#14 Don’t get a Springer Spaniel if you want a faithful friend, who will be by your side when you’re sad, and that will make you happy every day of your life.

  1. Well he will be a faithful friend by your side when your sad, he will cheer you up and make you happy for sure. They are working dogs,they need exercising also need your love, attention,play,walks, running, cuddles. And they will be happy springers ❤

  2. As long as you make them happy. At least 3 hrs of exercise a day, better nearer 5.
    Lots of love, food and a bed isn’t enough for a working dog.

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