Top 20 Funniest Smiling Dachshunds Ever

Just because we know you all love smiling dachshunds, we’ve come up with a list of the top twenty goofiest grins to brighten your week.


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#2 I’m so happy!

  1. I love Dachshunds I am owned by 5 of these awesome pooches Best dogs ever !!! Love the videos and pics !nd I gonna have more

#3 I’m just like sooooo glad!

  1. I have a long haired red one name Molly she is son precious. Great I love the videos of pets, and know everything about those faithful friends, they are beautiful

#4 “Cheese face?”

  1. The best breed of dog Thursday made a week that I lost my black she left leaving much to miss us.Super page .. Love and love of animals. I am part of my soul ..

#5 Yum yum yum