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Smart dog gets out of the playpen, turns fan towards itself

If you have ever shared a table fan which doesn’t swing, you must know the hardship it presents when the fan is set in a certain direction and you’re left without any wind coming your way. Also, most of you may have taken matters into your own hands to get respite from the heat by turning the fan towards yourself. This video is all about someone doing the same. The only twist is that the creature doing it is not a human but a four-legged furball – it’s a dog.

Though it’s unknown when or where the video was taken, the clip is doing the rounds of the Internet since a past few months. It has again emerged into the limelight after being recently shared on Twitter.

The video opens with two people sitting on a mat with a dog in a playpen behind them. A few moments into the video, the dog pushes open the playpen’s door and walks towards a table where the fan is kept. Quite skillfully, the pooch climbs on the table and moves the fan towards the playpen. Then it runs back to its playpen, gets inside, closes the door and settles down comfortably. It’s the confidence with which the dog performs all these makes the video a delightful – and rather hilarious – watch.

With over 5.1 million views, the video has gathered tons of reactions from people. It has also garnered more than 3.1 lakh likes and close to 1.7 lakh retweets. While some couldn’t stop commenting on the dog’s smartness, there were others who tried guessing the pooch’s perspective. A few also shared others human-like behaviour showcased by dogs.

“Could this be some evolutionary adaptation or something? Wow!” wrote a Twitter user and shared this video:

“When he closes the door back, I lost it,” wrote a Twitter user. “I came, I saw and I’m content,” wrote another while expressing their happiness on seeing the video.

This individual came up with an outlandish, yet fun, theory. “Such display of intelligence from animals reinforces my belief in the theory of reincarnation. Perhaps this dog was a human in his last life and slipped back to being a dog in this life,” they wrote. To which this is what another Twitter user replied, “Or maybe Dogs are becoming smarter and soon they will be able to take over the world! (I’m joking btw, I actually like your theory that would be cool).”

“The dog is trained,” wrote a Twitter user and many agreed.

There were also some who were reminded of an episode from the animated show Rick and Morty where a dog takes over the world and dominates all humans. Expressing the same, this is what a Twitter user shared:


“How good of a good boy is this good boy on a scale from 1 to goodest boy?” asked an individual. To which another replied, “Straight 10, you already know.”