Shih Tzu – 15 Reasons Why They Are Amazing Doggies!

#13 They are an old breed.

Nobody knows exactly how old the Shih Tzu is, although it existed at least as far back as 624 CE (we know this because of its presence in art from the era). For some reasons, it’s difficult to determine when and how exactly it originated, though experts have some ideas. One popular theory says, the breed was started in Tibet by Buddhist monks and eventually made its way to China. 

#14 They have long and silky hair.

The hair of a Shih Tzu is truly something to envy. Show doggies can be seen sporting stylish long hair that drags on the floor like a dress's train. This particular hairstyle is very hard to keep up, so most shih tzu owners opt to keep their dog’s hair in a short style. 

#15 … And come in lots of colors.

The Shih Tzu comes in 14 different colors and three different markings.